Wednesday, December 29, 2010

not much

Just ignore the wisps of hair that decided to stick up for the photo. Actually, it was intentional. Yeah, I like that look...totally. It was a very lazy day today so there isn't much to say. Not that I ever write long essays about what's happening in my life or anything. 

Dress (actually a nightgown) - Owl Talk; secondhand
Belt - Goodwill; thrifted

hey guys! it christmas time!

Well, it was. Christmas is never a huge affair here at home but I sure do enjoy watching A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Lace shirt - Thrifted
Velvet skirt - Thrifted
Plaid scarf - "Dress Up"
Jean jacket - Thrifted
Blue velvet hat - Buffalo Exchange; secondhand
Shoes - Urban Outfitters; I am always wearing the same shoes

But really all I want for Christmas is this:

Ryan Gosling in all his well dressed glory. 

Monday, December 6, 2010