Sunday, June 26, 2011

i love clothes

This post may become quite photo heavy. My summer break thus far has been punctuated by signing my first lease, turning 21, going to Las Vegas, and hitting Malibu for the first but not last time for the summer. With all these events I have photos to bear their evidence of happening. Well, at least outfits worn while these things happened.

For my 21st birthday I decided to have a 1960s themed party. I could've gone more the way of Mad Men and worn something refined and tailored. An outfit that would surely meet the sartorial standards of  Mad Men stylist Janie Bryant. While I love the show for all its finely crafted story lines and realistic takes on serious issues, I'm not too into wearing the type of fashion featured on the show.

My wardrobe is more on the mod side of the 60s. I wear short dresses, fawn over peter pan collars, and I'm quite the sucker for great cat eyes.

I feel as if I've been rambling for too long so here are a couple of photos from my birthday.

Dress - Vintage, Someone Else's Vintage
Bow - Vintage, Lemon Frog

Although this photo is really blurry, I really do prefer it over the other photos that better showcase the dress. For the purpose of documenting my dress, here's an unflattering full length photo

One thing that I'm for certain of is the fact that Vegas is a strange place. That may be less of a fact and more of a personal view. That is not to say that I didn't enjoy myself. I just can't honestly believe that there is a city devoted to drinking, sex, and general debauchery. 

Top - Thrifted; Goodwill
Skirt - H&M

The next set of outfits were taken at my new home. I'm still trying to figure out where the best spot is to take outfit photos. This can be seen from the different angles used in each set of outfit photos.

Top - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - Thrifted; Goodwill

Top - Vintage, Dear Vintage on Etsy

Top - Thrifted; Salvation Army
Skirt - H&M

 I went to the beach today. That means this is a beach outfit. Bitch outfit?

Shirt - Urban Outfitters
Bathing Suit - Vintage; Peachy Pipes on Etsy
Skirt - Old Navy
Head scarf - Vintage; American Vintage
Sunglasses - Thrifted; Goodwill

A series of photos that track undressing? Sure, why not? All for the sake of showing off my romper/bathing suit.

After taking a shower I felt as if I needed to wear something that didn't use too many pieces that I love dearly. It's not uncommon for people to save outfits so certain pieces will get more air time, so to speak, so I settled on this dress. I bought it about a year or so ago and have all but lost interest in it. I'm hoping that I can alter it somehow and have it be a piece that I actually want to wear and not wear out of necessity. 

Dress - Thrifted; Salvation Army
Cardigan - Thrifted
Head scarf - Vintage; American Vintage

I have spent the better part of my night trying to work on my summer research and failing. I've been listening to Childish Gambino and perusing fashion blogs. Childish Gambino, a.k.a. Donald Glover, practically rapped all my thoughts on clothing through this song:

I love Donald Glover

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