Wednesday, July 6, 2011

summer hat

This July I do not pledge allegiance to the flag. Instead I pledge to wearing hats more often. Well, this hat in particular. This Goodwill find spent it's first year in my possession sitting atop a shelf. Far from sight and definitely from mind, I went almost nine months without putting it into my outfit rotation. Too summery for the spring and too broad for anyone to see around my head should they unfortunately sit behind me in class. 

This hat was meant for summer. It was meant to keep the sun out of my eyes and help me from sweating myself to death. I put this hat to it's task and went to the park to read. While it helped to shield the sun away from my eyes it certainly didn't do much to protect the rest of my body from the sun. At an unbearable 90 degrees I decided to stop reading outside and headed home. I'll try and wear this hat more often though because I like it too much to let it spend another dreadful nine months on a shelf.

Hat - Thrifted; Goodwill
Shirt - Thrifted; Goodwill
Skirt - Thrifted; Goodwill