Sunday, January 9, 2011

girl of my dreams

Issue Eleven
I can say with absolute conviction that Lula Magazine is the perfect amalgamation of all things I love. Dreamy editorials that create a sense of wonder; interviews with people in fashion, music, and film that I admire; and far less advertisements than other magazines makes Lula such a joy to page through. While I can read magazines such as Bust and Bitch for a feminist take on media, Lula stands as one of the few fashion magazines that I find myself enjoying from issue to issue. So twice a year I patiently wait for the next issue fully knowing that I'll be blowing about 15 bucks on one magazine but, relishing in the fact that I'll have some wonderfully soft focused and beautifully styled photo shoots to feast my eyes on.
model: Arlenis Sosa
from the latest issue
The latest issue of Lula was, of course, no disappointment. The way I first read through a new issue of Lula has become a sort of ritual for me. After seeing plenty of other people, on the blogosphere of course, procure their own copies, I head to a couple of newsstands seeing if they have received it yet. I should know by now but, I always go soon after I see others with the magazine hoping that it'll be there immediately for me to read through and love. I should know better because it generally takes a couple of weeks for it to arrive on newsstands near me after seeing other bloggers get their hands on the magazine. After finally getting my own hands on the latest issue, I head home to a clean room (yes, I clean it for the special occasion), a bowl of snacks (usually fruit and yogurt), and get comfy for the enjoyable perusal. 

Bat for Lashes 
not from the current issue
So when I performed this ritual with the latest issue I, like so many others, was struck by the Black Swan feature by Kate and Laura Mulleavy, otherwise known as the head designers of Rodarte. Having provided a number outfits for the film, the sisters provided amazing behind the scenes photos of the film from fittings with Natalie Portman to sketches of the dresses before they came to life. There is no doubt that there is a bit of a Black Swan obsession going on right now but, I can't help but be captivated by these photos. Besides, the film was fantastic in the way it showcased the crippling effects of striving for perfection and how the mind subsequently deals with the unbearable amount of stress. Seeing it as a companion piece to Darren Aronofsky's previous film the Wrestler, brings to light how the body is used as a means of creating art and how the creation of this art puts strain upon the body whether the act is considered highbrow or lowbrow. After thinking so much about it after watching the film, I don't have a lot more to say other than if you haven't seen it go watch it now. 


Image sources: 
Lula scans - Google images 
Rodarte sketches - style rookie

I have to admit that this post was in part inspired not only by my interest in the film but also by the Jim Carrey/Black Swan skit on the latest episode of SNL.  You wouldn't believe how stunning he looks in a tutu and leotard. 

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